Meet Mr. Bin and His Powerhouse of App Creating Friends


Without you there would be no need for Mr. Bin. And without your downloads there would be no cleaner, less stressed out world. So please do your part. Download Mr. Bin and setup your alerts now. You’re saving yourself stress, time, money and energy—plus doing your part to eliminate overflowing trash blowing down our streets.

trash day pick up

Mr. Bin:

Though tiny, Mr. Bin packs a powerful punch, strong enough to keep you, your garbage, your recycling (and maybe even your boss) in line. Let him into your life, tell him your address, and faster than you can blink—he’ll set up your alerts so you never see a stinky pileup of ill-forgotten garbage or recycling plastering your lawn, sidewalk, or garage again. Guaranteed.

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The Mastermind:

Behind every idea is an idea master. Ours is a superhero. A masked Cloud Genius who roams the streets of Ontario seeking out innovative new problems to solve—defeating the stresses we all face every day with simple solutions like Mr. Bin. Our hats go off to you Mr. Sapenov and team.

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The Geek Squad:

These amazing people poured countless hours, sweat, blood and tears into Mr. Bin to insure that every piece of code dutifully performs it’s task, 24/76/365. So you never, ever, ever miss a trash or recycling pickup day again. Just download, and sleep easy knowing you’re covered.

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The Canadian Customer Service Squad:

Tech Challenges? Questions? These go-to guru’s know exactly how to help you out of a pickle, program your Mr. Bin app for success, and even calm you down when the going gets tough, so relax. Take a deep breath. And feel at ease. We’ve got your back.

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